Cancer Season in the Garden (excerpt from Astrology in the Garden)

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Summer solstice arrives and Toni is experiencing something new again. The Sun now spends most of his time over the garden, beaming from early in the morning until late in the evening. The chatter of the garden has quieted and everyone is now focused on adapting to the increase of the light. Toni recognizes a feeling on her leaf. At first she thinks it may be a neighboring plant brushing against her in the light summer wind. She feels it again and this time she knows this is a new sensation. Something is leaving her leaf and it is creating a feeling that she has never noticed before. 

Evaporation is happening now at a more rapid pace than any days previously known by Toni. She can feel the moisture leaving her stems. The tingling takes over her awareness and she is focused on this new experience. She quivers and wonders where all of this is coming from. Her desire to communicate with everyone is totally severed and she becomes obsessed with what is happening right where she is at; at home. 

Another new sensation: this time it feels like something is moving along her leaf. A slow rolling, leaving behind something like a tremble along her leafs spine. She senses more moisture in the air around her though knows there has been no rain in a few weeks. Somehow, her roots below connect the dots and signals Toni to reserve water; that moisture is coming from her and it's steadily increasing.

The root system is always processing the information above ground. Toni’s roots have been absorbing all the extra water the last few months and are now fat with energy rich sugars that are ready to feed her whenever she needs it. As the Sun increases and the rains decrease, Toni will need more and more support from her roots in the form of information, energy and water. After her roots processed the new feeling she was having, Toni began to make new plans for her future. 

Having sensed these first feelings, Toni’s awareness is expanding exponentially. She can now sense new layers of her experience forming “under her skin”. Water held in her cellular walls is evaporating into the air around her. The water cycle will never stop and Toni must pay her dues to the Sun too. 

All relationships on Earth are give and take.

The Sun gives energy, life and sustenance. It takes water. All the water it can take, it will take. Together, fire and water produce the first feeling for Toni. Opposites of nature produce both life and death. Fire and water make new life. Cooling magma in the oceans waves forms new fertile land. Fire and water destroy one another as well: steamy interactions and the ultimate death of the fire. This dance between fire and water is subtle and delicate. It is the foundation of the health of our entire Earth and Toni is being initiated into the school of feelings. 

Leading the lessons is “nothing lasts forever.” The ever-forward movement of the Sun is here to teach this tough bit of knowing. Impermanence is guaranteed, and the cardinal sign of Cancer is here to move us all into the next phase of development. Here we begin to tune into our subconscious, into the ethers of space and feel the frequency of it all. Emotions become a strong navigation tool during this time of year and the safety of our close family becomes our number one priority. We realize, through the sensation of feeling, that seasons are changing and they will continue to change. We sense that life could become harsh and resources could be extracted directly in front of us. So we learn to take the lead with caretaking for those we love most and prepare for the future together. 

We now begin to see signs of a Mother in Toni. She has taken to looking after all her close family members that are also slowly losing water from their leaves. She shifts a large leaf over a smaller cousin growing nearby. She leans an aging flower over her partner's new bloom. She knows the bloom took much energy and is late for the season. She also knows that if she puts herself on the line, she can help protect those that she knows the best. The plants that have grown right next to her since April are now family and Toni feels a deep need to watch over them all. She notices that they are returning the favor. She feels the loyalty in the garden these days and it feels good. 

Many think that the plants of our Earth are competing for resources and are always trying to win. This is a skewed perspective produced from the most competitive species on Earth: Man. Instead, plants interact in very well balanced relationships with one another and base their ecosystems on (I)nterdependence, Diversity and Nourishment. These three foundational principles show how plants truly get along with each other. 

All plants (or any beings) in an ecosystem are (I)nterdependent (the I is in parentheses in interdependence to notate the significance of the individual self, the I, to be self-reliant and independently motivated). Since this is true, each individual must bring its own unique personality / gene pool to the ecosystem for health and wellness. There are many niches to fulfill and we need a diversity of characters to fill them. Once we have diverse, (I)nterdependent bonds, we begin to do what we are made to do; nourish each other, in our life and mostly in our death. Death of our body as well as death of past versions of self, old habits and self-depreciating ideas. 

A family is an ecosystem and functions within these realms. For Toni, she senses the interdependent relationships she is in now. She was so focused on her own growth and protection, she didn’t notice how much those growing near her meant to her. She can now recognize how the early spring plants that are not made for the summer, have died back and their decaying leaves are covering the ground, helping retain water in her soil. She feels the gentle brushing of a leaf of her neighbor, her sister in growth, and knows she is being protected from the Sun by this other leaf. She is overwhelmed with love and appreciation for all around her. She continues to grow up to protect all in her reach and she now begins to shed bottom leaves herself and cover the ground beneath. Life rises and death drops to the ground. It is this cycle that Toni is now acutely aware of and is actively participating in. She takes pride in her position as caretaker and receiver of care and gives gratitude to her Mother Earth for the lessons.

Mother Earth aka M.E. is an excellent caretaker. She uses the cycle/circle of the Zodiac to take care of all of her creatures. This cycle is the foundation of life on Earth. It is so basic that most write it off as a pseudo-science, though there is nothing fake about the cycle of life. Each new life begins with a spark of fire and grows throughout a fairly consistent pathway we all call life. The beginning of life everywhere usually looks a lot like the life of an Aries (first house) and Pisces (twelfth house) and just seem to “know” that rebirth is real, as they prepare for the return of spring. 

No matter how hard we try, we will never stop the circle of life. It will just keep on reproducing itself in new form and thought. 

As mentioned, in the garden in early spring plants are dying back and covering the Earth because not only does the decaying organic matter help keep water in the soil, it also provides a home for bugs and fungus and breaks down into compost, feeding the soil too. Leaving a piece of Earth uncovered, interrupts these primary functions of dirt. We humans leave dirt uncovered often and tend to despise the plants that pop up as a result of it. “WEEDS” enter stage left and this is literally what they seem to do. 

Uncovered land will quickly be colonized by the hardiest of plants on Earth, the plants we call weeds. These plants grow long and strong tap roots and dig deep into the Earth, usually past the top soil and into the rocky layers underneath. Why? Because here is where all the life building minerals are found and guess what a long, strong tap root is good at? Breaking up, releasing and absorbing minerals from stones underground. 

These plants can often be said to have “come out of nowhere” and took over. This is what Mother Earth does; she senses a need for a new life cycle. She locates the position of need on Earth. She calls the birds and animals in the vicinity to this space to aid in the reseeding of this land. When the new seed breaks through the dirt, a new Zodiac is birthed and we get the chance to witness the circle of life yet again. The magic is in the subtleties of our experience. These cycles are in constant movement and rebirth. There is nothing new under this Sun because each of us grows with the minerals already here and dies, giving them back to the soil in our decomposition. None escape this fate. It is the ultimate debt due and paid by every single one of us. Yet it is not in vain. Our minerals will be called upon again and repurposed to begin life anew. 

The first month of summer is a transitory stage from spring into the dry months and yet it signifies a BIG new normal. We now are aware of our feelings and have felt how water moves through our pores (body). We barely notice it at first, though slowly our senses strengthen and we prepare for the hottest days of the year. Life still feels pretty good and the connection that is being experienced in the garden these days is enriching life like never before. Toni never knew caring for another could feel good. Now she knows and this new reality will open her up in ways she cannot even imagine. She feels excitement building as she confirms her security. Toni is now feeling like she wants to celebrate her milestones and newfound love. 

Summer is in full effect and the party is about to begin. 

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