Gemini Season in the Garden (excerpt from Astrology in the Garden)

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In the northern hemisphere, the energy of the Sun is nearing its peak during the season of Gemini. Each day the Sun has spent more time over this part of the Earth and the plants in the garden are reflecting the extra energy that father Sun provides. Interactions are increasing and individual experiences are being shared. It’s the season of the dualistic sign of Gemini and communication suddenly becomes a major priority for Toni and all of her neighbors. 

The last two months have been full of self-preserving realities for Toni. She has had to establish herself and future generations of herself, in her environment, without fail. If she wouldn’t have taken the time to focus on her own needs, her growth would have been sacrificed and another stronger plant near her would have outgrown and shaded out Toni’s light. She wouldn’t be here, in Gemini season, ready to talk about how she survived the beginning of spring. 

Now Toni is feeling a bit more free with her energy and has a deep longing to tell the others around her all about all she has learned. Her root system, similar to our nervous system, has grown and established itself among the rich underground world. There is a wide diversity of life that lives in soil. Bugs, fungus and bacteria of all sorts call the dirt home. Toni has been building bonds and pathways to the many different species surrounding her roots. She has gotten to know the mycelium quite well and begins to listen more closely to the chatter she can hear moving through her neighbor. 

Mycelium is the actual living organism of mushrooms. Mushrooms are the like the babies of the mycelium, growing out of the Earth to spread the “seeds” of the mycelium as far as the wind (or animal fur) can take it. These organisms are central in the underground network of our Earth. Mycelium actually grows through roots, interconnecting the entire community within a specific area. As it moves through these beings’ “central nervous system” it shares information, nutrients and even surplus oxygen that has been passed around from the other plants in the garden. 

This living communication system is responsible for the health of the whole ecosystem. Many plants cannot access the abundance of resources from the Sun due to shade, trees and other challenges in a garden or even in a forest. These plants do not grow in vain! The other plants in the ecosystem will support these plants and share resources and information on how to obtain additional resources through their root system.

Above ground an influx of communication is happening too. Plants have now begun to release their seeds into the environment as well as receive the communication from all of the sensory experiences of Taurus season. All those colors signal sex and offspring and now these messages are being decoded by Gemini. And while plants are just now setting seed, the seeds of last season’s flying, crawling, digging and climbing neighbors are quickly hatching. Bugs of all sorts are being born, along with the many spring babies that wait until the Sun is with us the longest. The results of sex are abound and the Gemini is full of excitement.

The Sun produces a vigor in Toni that she can almost remember from a couple of months ago. The airy qualities of Gemini are quick moving like the fiery Aries. Taurus’s strong awareness of the Earth keeps it grounded and methodical in its actions. Though like Aries, Gemini needs movement and lots of it. It is the first real movement of the garden that is focused on the others living in the neighborhood. There are a lot to talk to, so Gemini spends its time finding ways it can get to talking. 

Toni is experiencing something similar to the first breath of self. While she was a living, breathing being before Gemini season, she is just now flexing her ability to move her own breath. She has ideas, experiences and lessons that are valuable to the community as a whole. She is now aware of this and wants to share her personal experience. She is also now aware that those around her have similar lessons to share and she wants to listen to them. She wants to build her knowledge base of her environment so she approaches the job from a logistical perspective. She wastes no time assuming or guessing what has happened. She wants the facts and all of them so she can make her own decision about what is taking place. She wants to know things for herself. 

Toni continues to take note that there is less and less moisture around her. The air has really dried out and the wind seems more noticeable. Toni recognizes when a new gust of wind moves through her leaves. A few of them shake loose a few seeds. She speaks over each of her children, wishing them a healthy rebirth. The wind also brings a lot of other things, too. Toni is hearing messages on the wind, coming from lands far from here. Her leaves are coated with organic compounds traveling with the wind and she tastes the history of their journey. She is curious about their trip and secretly wants to jump on the wind and move just as quickly as it does. Instead she decides to tell her neighbor what she learned from the afternoon breeze. They share intimate details of what they deduced from what they heard. 

Toni is also now fully aware of both her root system and her leaf / flower structure. She can sense the dark of below and the light of above. She is fully in tune with the cycling of the dark and light as well. She is now experiencing dualism and is coming into her Gemini vibration with a full force. That first breath of self also brought with it a certain knowing of the difference of self and thoughts. Self is not the thoughts and thoughts are not the self. This is a major self-awareness reality that all life must come to know. We are not actually our thoughts, we are the energy machine behind the thoughts. We can survive without sharing our thoughts though our growth will be stunted, leaving us back in the second part of spring. 

There are some differences that Toni can now clearly see in Gemini season and they continue to build her self attained genius. All of Toni’s knowledge has been derived directly from her experience, remodels. We see her, standing tall and wide. She has different colors and scents permeating from her body. She is balanced in her root structure and her body. She is freely sharing her knowledge with her community and exudes pride, confidence and pure genius. Genius can really only ever be an individual accomplishment and it is based on how well the environment is comprehended. At this point in the year, Toni is living a strong, determined and healthy life and uses this stress-free time in the garden to her advantage by soaking up as much information as possible. 

This genius is also indebted to the ability of the Gemini to be extremely flexible. This is mutable air, the changing winds of spring. Summer heat is on its way and the winds and Sun of late spring come in to help change things up. A new season is on the horizon and Gemini is instinctually comfortable with the coming new normals. This produces a restlessness in Toni because she knows that all this information gathering has a higher purpose. The Sun further activates this inner activity and keeps Toni focused on finding the facts and processing them into her databank to prepare for later. She is unaware now of how she will use all she knows later, so she makes sure she spreads it as far as she can now. 

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