Leo Season in the Garden (an excerpt from Astrology in the Garden)

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Leo season astrology in the garden


We are entering the fifth month of the year and we instantly see The Star. It’s Leo season and there is just no denying the bright shining light of a Leo soul. Summer is in full force and the heat creates a certain vibe in the garden. These are known as the lazy days of summer. We are on the other side of the summer solstice and the Sun is steaming Willy Beamon! The moisture has been under attack for a whole month now and is losing its ground. Summer rains happen now too, though for most of the days of Leo season, everyone is taking it easy. 

There has been a lot of growth to get to this point. Each plant in the garden is displaying a certain type of bravado during these days. After all of the living lessons of spring and early summer, we are near full beings, capable of self-preservation, building our foundation, communicating our needs and knowledge and feeling love. Progress is exciting and Toni begins to feel like the greatest plant alive! Not in comparison to any other plant growing around her though, but based on her own inner knowing of everything she has overcome. The Ego is born and the inner being is getting really close to completion. Toni prepares to display her energy for all to see and it's a personal celebration of success, health and generations before. 

She feels great and the coloring on her leaves reflect it. She is producing a rich green on her leaves and despite the loss of water over the last month, is plump and healthy. Her communal work has taken care of her and she is looking good. Some parts of her still look like her youthful days in early spring. There is an abundance of food in the garden these days. Fruits, nuts and seeds are all ready to be harvested. Once picked, the Mother plant often sets new flower buds because she now has more energy to do so. Summer harvests are self-feeding. There is no stopping production in the season of Leo. Now is the time to use all of our energy to bask in the happiness of the garden and enjoy all the fruits of our labor. 

There is another color that is being seen in even more abundance during Leo season. Reds of many shades are developing under the summer Sun. The color red is often associated with Leo energy due to the fiery abundance of Sunlight during this time of year. Leos tend to be represented by large, blazing energy, something similar to the Sun. Well, this color is directly linked to the long summer Sun in the garden too. 

The ripening is taking place. Fruits, sugars, skin and the inner being are all deepening in concentration, power and potency. The focus on developing the deeper hues is a natural response to the hours with the Sun. Nothing is forever, so we instinctively prepare for the coming changes. Sugars are stored, melanin production is increased and seeds begin to drop into the drying soil for over wintering protection. We have all been building our layers bit by bit. The complexities of flavors, melodies, color and self awareness have reached an apex along with the Sun. The five pointed being has arrived and the crowd is waiting.

The fruits of our labor are here and Toni is enjoying the feel of “summer break.” She is now noticing the noise of the garden increase daily. All of the bugs have now hatched and are freely expressing their songs for all to enjoy. All day and all night, the orchestra of the summer garden is heard. Crickets, bees, cicada, grasshoppers and more are jumping and chirping and twitching their small bodies into a chorus of a seemingly synchronized tune. This time of year it’s all about a bug's life, quite literally. Delicate insects do not survive all year long. They await the perfect time to hatch, quickly mature, mate and lay next year's eggs before the cool weather of the fall arrives. This is the perfect time and so any bugs that were not hatched are now. The abundance of the summer garden is feeling thicker than ever. There is no scarcity of resources for anyone and because of this reality, summer break continues on. 

With all this leisurely time on Toni’s hands, she begins to feel a certain level of confidence begin to grow within. She has grown through many days and nights and has obtained so much living knowledge. By this time of year, Toni is starting to feel really good about herself. She is big, bold, fertile and strong. She has a strong sense of self, a solid foundation, a healthy community and has invested in protecting and loving those that live the closest to her. She is proud of herself and stands fully confident in her ability to do life and do it well. The free time in the Leo garden gives her time to sit back and reflect, “Dang I’m cool” and she carries that vibe with her always. 

Toni decides to plan a party! The vibe of the garden is feeling too good not to share. So Toni sends a message through the underground to alert all who can hear it, “Let's have a PARTY!” She hears back an excitement and an electricity she knows means “Yes, let’s! And we’ll invite friends from other parts of this land too!” It is time to show off the garden! Everyone is feeling the festive energy of this time of year. The Sun is here! It’s time to honor the gift of the sky with a presentation of wellness and joy! 

Leo the King is seen and the party begins. The Sun King makes the abundance it manifests known. It is time to show off what we have worked for. Kings throw the most lavish parties because they have access to excessive resources. The garden is teaming with life, new and old, fast and slow, growing and dying. There is no lack of anything these days, most especially the confidence that the Sun shares with us all. It’s party time and all are invited. 

This is the time of year that we tend to present ourselves in our very best light. The Sunlight is our spotlight and it’s time to show off our hard work from the seasons prior. Bathing suits, tank tops, tan bodies and muscles are all on display all season long. The long summer days are making their imprint on us all. We are responding to our environment much like the Sun. We are feeling bold, confident and ready to be seen. We are feeling highly optimistic and sure of ourselves so we decide to use our creative energy to create something new. 

A song! The insects of the garden are leading the way. To prepare for the party, Toni decides she will compose her first song and she already knows the melody. She tunes into a neighboring grasshoppers song. She tests her vocal chords, she hums in the wind. Her tone travels on the wind and is soon felt by all of her friends. She feels their songs too. The party has officially begun!

Life is good in the Leo garden and everyone is feeling the confidence that the Sun is beaming onto the ground. In the times of plenty, the ego grows and builds the being into a completed being; the star is fully formed. 

The garden is in a seemingly perfect state. Toni and her friends are blinded by the light of the Sun and can barely tell that each day it is spending a little less time overhead. They wouldn’t worry about it anyway though the impending shifts are near impossible to sense these days. What the future holds has little impact now and Toni sits back and enjoys her space on Earth. Friends from other gardens can be heard and seen. Diversity is embraced, individuality is appreciated and the summer Sun blazes on. 

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