Eating a rainbow salad every day provides deep nutrition to our bodies and changes our world! Eat one every day!

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Plants are powerhouses of nutrition. They grow with a particular goal of survival in an ever changing environment. They interact and change according to the needs of their surroundings and have an amazing ability, mind blowing really, to create hundreds of chemical reactions based on what they are dealing with. The ways plants maintain their own health on our Earth is the same way they help maintain our health. The plants physical properties are all created by design. They exist so the plant can navigate its home and be a successful propagator. What it takes to create a new generation of self is a lot of work, time… it is a lot of energy. Plants have an abundance of energy and ability. They are the super magicians of our Earth, tapping into the endless reservoir of regenerative frequency.

When you align with plants, you align with this power! When you eat plants, a lot of plants, a lot of different plants, every day, you too begin to tap into this endless energy source. We will still have hiccups in our health, our bodies will still be visited by viruses and bacteria that make us feel unwell. Plants themselves are constantly working towards health, protecting themselves from the pathogens of their environment. Though, when we eat a lot of different plants, daily, we begin to develop an internal ability to use our protective systems quick and efficiently AND we actually receive the physical properties to do it.

Plants share with us each and every healing combo they can create. Remember, plants have the ability to produce hundreds of different chemical reactions that can keep them safe. They cannot get up and move like animals, so they need a strong defense system to grow and reproduce. We receive the love and support of this system when we consume plants daily. We are constantly being supported by the varied chemical combinations as well as all of the plants nutrients it uses to do all the things it does. There are many big words and names of chemical elements that some folks love to talk about. I prefer to state the basics; plants heal our bodies because they can heal themselves. When we eat plants, their healing becomes ours and everyone wins.

Eating a rainbow salad every day forces you to prepare your own food

It was in high school that I began grocery shopping on my own. I left home at seventeen and had to learn how to use the little money and resources I had to provide for myself. I was able to live with my best friend and her mother for my last year of high school, though I was determined to take care of my own daily needs, especially food. And honestly, eating out was not only expensive, the food just never really tasted that good.

I of course ate out plenty in my late teens and early twenties, though by college a grocery budget was a part of my weekly spending habit. I realized that taking my lunch to class was going to make my financial aid stretch and I would be able to pay my car note, rent, cell phone and house bills. Once I went vegetarian, eating out became even less attractive. Always having to ask for the vegetarian menu or be forced to order the salad became annoying, especially since the salad was almost always ice berg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and either ranch or Italian dressing. It grew old quick.

I learned about the Food Network in college and found myself watching hours of food cooking shows as school neared an end. After graduation, I spent a lot of time trying new recipes and new ingredients. I found Trader Joes during these years and never looked at eating the same after that. There were so many different options in the world that I was just never aware of. So I spent time shopping, prepping, planning and cooking. I hosted holiday dinners, BBQs, birthday parties etc at my apartment. I met my children’s father these years as well and was super inspired by his chef skills. I tuned into the need to stay home and cook, for my wallet, taste buds and health.

Rainbow salads solidified this path. You just cannot find this level of plant diversity in restaurants. I feel chefs are nervous to add so many different ingredients to one dish. Or maybe it’s time or budget. I am not sure, though I find myself expecting disappointment when I eat out. I know that I could make something tasty, whole, nutritious, colorful AND I will have leftovers if I just go home and cook. You might be able to piece together a rainbow salad at a well-stocked salad bar though even then the veggies have all been cut for hours, maybe days, they look dry and faded and taste how they look. The life force has evaporated from these friends of ours and I am almost always looking forward to getting home to cook.

Once you become hooked on the crunch, texture, vibrancy, moisture and taste of a rainbow salad in every meal, eating out will lose its luster. Taking that money and time spent out and investing it in your home and in your kitchen, is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Health begins here for all family members. We need to be here, cooking, prepping, discovering, tasting, testing and sharing our time and energy with our food. It is vital to our mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

Eating a rainbow salad every day will align you with the frequencies of Mother Earth

As my path evolved, I realized nature was making more and more sense. All of a sudden the path of the sun and the work of the moon began to become really important to me. The seasons started to matter and not because my clothing options had to change. I started to notice the plants shifts, the dirt’s variations and the way a new seed unfolded onto the plane. I started to notice the beings I was living with, around, within. I started to notice how everything in my life was dependent upon them and the land I walked upon. My frequency began to change, shift, rise. I began to tune in to the world around me, the real world (and not the one on MTV). Life has changed so drastically for me since these beginning steps that I sometimes wonder how I ever lived differently.

The part of the plant world that most humans on Earth now miss is the real life energetic experience taking place. Plants are emotional, feeling, loving, caring, sensitive, sensory beings that grow with the exact intention we all do. They use frequency and vibrations to communicate, just like we do. They nourish, bond, protect, move, stay, hear, taste… just like we do. A few generations ago most folks knew this. Now a days you might be thought to be quite eccentric making these claims. Even the vegan world is disconnected from the sentient beings plants are.

Though, the solution to this is quite simply in consuming plant frequency. And not just in the form of food, drink and medicine. We must allow time, space and attention to reconnect to plant and Mother Earth frequency in our home and larger community. We must be growing with plants, talking to plants, recognizing them, sharing our love and attention with them. They are aware beings living all around us! Imagine what it would be like to be an living, breathing, feeling being that NOONE pays any attention to, unless they need something from you. Many humans may feel they live like this too, though not at the level most plants do. Especially like the plants we call weeds! There is an actual war against these super healers. They must grow with a focus on security. Generations of us have been attacking these gifts of Mother Earth.

Tuning into this vibration is the most significant aspect of aligning with plants and of eating a rainbow salad every day. Most will miss this depth before they commit to the lifestyle change, though in reality, this is where our major societal shifts rest waiting for our discovery. Here we find the truth behind the message of interdependence, diversity and nourishment. NO THING on this marvelous, living, unconditionally loving Mother Earth womb being is here without purpose and intention. Each bit of this whole experience…( because that is what life is. We are not living a concrete, physical existence here. WE are the mind that manifests this experience, at least from my perspective…) each bit, is here to create particular movements of frequency, of energy, to effect some other parts of the whole. All things are needed for all things to be. Plants are not background players in this game of life. They are the founding members of the experience. Their level of communication alone proves this to be true. They grow capable of doing everything they need for all to live, heal and feed. We need to be guided, loved and nurtured from conception to be able to make it here. They are superior in all aspects, in that they are needed for all other things to be. And they need us too, like a Mother with no child to raise. Her power is in her offspring (plus we really do great things for the plant world. We spread them, propagate them, grow them.. we use them how they want and need to be used. Interdependence is our truth!!!)

Many will read these words and ask… “Really? A salad can do all this? A salad can change our world?” Well my friend, yes. Eating a rainbow salad every day WILL change YOUR world!!! I guarantee it. And when you change your world, you change the whole world. All things are working together here. As each one of us becomes more aware of the power of our existence, our experience shifts, we become more like our ancestors and we propel into the future with the confidence each generation must have to continue to create our world.  

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