Raising "traditional" children in a modern world using astrology

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Children and astrology

Is it possible to raise children in our modern, tech based world that are aware of the many traditional ways of living life on Earth without them feeling left out and behind?

In our home, the answer is YES WE CAN!!!

Parenthood is never an easy journey. From the first day through each growth stage and phase, bringing up the next generation is a feat that humbles the committed caretaker. In our home, astrology is used to better comprehend both the parents approach to childrearing and each child's needs throughout growing up. 

In traditional cultures around the world, the elders of the homes held the knowledge of the human design of their people. Sending young adults into the world without proper knowledge of self, first and then knowledge of relationships and the culture that raised them, was seen as impermissible. The significance of customs, morals and the ways of building strong families was intentionally passed down from generation to generation, and perhaps pressed down is a better way to say it. 

The elders knew how vital it was for youth to have a guideline to live along because the first thirty years or so of life is spent experiencing life for development rather than living it with actual knowledge of how to create a healthy, happy life. It takes years to "know" the full impact of cause and effect and our ancestors built this guidance into the early cultures of the world with intent and purpose.

In our modern world of AI dominant technology and a systematically monitored media infrastructure, instilling the longstanding practices of life preservation from our predecessors in the next generation is one of the most complex challenges parents of today face. The future is in the youth of a society and our children are being raised by a culture of destruction and extremely low self awareness. 

In our home, we are countering this as best as we can by keeping as much of the current culture out of the home through devices, government ran education, fear-based programming, diet (S.A.D. the Standard American Diet) and even modern relationship practices. We are working to raise our children in a balance of current world norms and traditionally proven-to-work principles of living a sustainable life. 

While all of these "alternative" ways of bringing up our children has their own challenges, especially as we reach the years of preteen and young adulthood, navigating relationships with self, family and peers is definitely the most important and the most unique. Each child has their own particular ways of looking at themselves and the world around them. Each child is developing at their own pace and receives different feedback from their environment based on how they interact in life. Knowing the astrological natal charts of our children has greatly improved the approach to guiding each child through their individual growth patterns, needs and wants, helping them each learn who they are before they have the actual experiences to discover this person.

Now, if astrology is not a true language for the parents, obviously this way of seeing our children may not work. In our home, one parent uses astrology and the other parent uses the teachings of the Bible and the history of the Christian tradition to guide our children. Due to the fact that both practices are rooted in more sustainable ways of growing up, somehow we make this opposition work, although it does create natural conflict too. A family needs flexibility to allow all perspectives space and honor. It takes work and if anything is worth this level of work, it's our children. 

Using astrology to guide our children and our responses to them

A few nights ago, my eight year old Sagittarius son came to me right before bed and said, "Mom, I want to tell you something. ... I like girls. Like a lot. I just like girls. Sometimes I feel like I can be obsessed with them. I just like them!". My third and youngest child has always been mature for his age and has always attracted girls/women since he was born. He was a big baby, born at close to twelve pounds, and from the first night of his life on Earth, he had the full attention of a lot of women. Day two of being here, he had a line of nurses waiting to see him at the Drs. office as we checked his blood sugar levels to make sure he wasn't a diabetic baby, due to his large size. Everyone in the office (at least all the ladies) just had to see the twelve pound baby born at home! 

A couple of months later he escorted me to a friends wedding. I dressed him in the cutest little baby suit I could find and from the moment we stepped on the grounds, the women were going gaga over him! There was a point during the speeches at the reception that the ladies at the table ahead of us, were turned around, staring at my infant son. He just had that magnetic presence to him. He still does. 

This Sagittarius young man was born during the hours of Leo rising and in a moon phase of Pisces. He has a natural electricity to him, a mixture of fire and water. Leo rising is said to be a position that indicates that in a previous life, the new child was unable to be seen for all of their magnificence. They are then born under Leo rising to have the natural stage presence needed to attract the eyes of the crowd. This baby of mine sure did enter the stage of life with a bang and his ability to garner the energy of strangers hasn't slowed a bit. 

He is charismatic, friendly, talkative, open-hearted, caring and attentive to others interests. When I first ran his natal chart, I knew what I needed to prepare for. This young man would almost for sure end up liking a lot of girls and they would like him too.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, the most mature of the three fire signs. It has a natural attraction to the higher elements of existence, the creative, deeply passionate and exciting things we all participate in. One of these things the Sagittarius energy is naturally drawn too is sex; the explosive, soul connecting, highly intense type. With Leo on the rise at his birth, he will also naturally present himself as a confident, courageous leader of the pride, capable of maintaining an entire harem. The Pisces moon gives him a nurturing and intuitive inner experience as well and most women tend to be drawn to a man that "gets" them. 

I knew what I was getting into well before he knew. 

This conversation lasted for a couple of hours and ended up including my eldest son and daughter as well. I'll discuss the things I shared with them in another post, though we went the distance in this talk. The Saggie son went on to tell me about the five plus girls he's had crushes on over the years. He told me that he held hands with two of them and hugged them too. A year or so ago, he told me that he had been thinking about what it would be like to have someone touch his private parts (!!!!!) and I am very happy that none of this has happened yet. For goodness sakes, he's eight! Though, for a Sagittarius boy, these thoughts, feelings and experiences are actually VERY normal and this is what I explained to him. 

I talked to him about his natal chart placements and what they might mean for him. I have been discussing these placements with my children for years now, so it's an open conversation that they can comprehend because they have been learning about astrology through their own lives and experiences. I told him that, yes son, Sagittarius men tend to like a lot of girls and that is OK. (He mentioned that he thought there was something wrong with him for thinking of girls all the time.) I reminded him of the values we have been teaching in our home regarding partners of the opposite sex (because they all are attracted to the opposite sex), that there is someone that we must invest in first, before we even consider investing in another person that we "like", ourself. He remembered this and even said it before I did. 

I teach my children that to be in a relationship with the opposite sex, a romantic relationship where you touch each other, exchange bodily fluids, live together or get married and have children MUST come after they each have established their own livelihood, period. For years I have posed the question to them, that if they didn't have a house, business/career and a basic foundation for themselves, how can they decide to bring another human into their lives that they have nothing to actually offer? When you have sex, you might have a baby and if you have no home to raise your baby in, or for my daughter, if the man cannot provide you with a home for your child, what business do you have doing such a thing? They all agree it seems silly to be in a committed relationship with someone else before they are in a committed relationship with themselves. 

I also openly share with them my own experiences in my late teens and early twenties. I talk to them about how difficult it was to grow up and how much more challenging this was when I was focusing my energy and attention on the opposite sex. I let them know of the issues I am still healing as a late thirty something mom of three and how I could have made better decisions for myself had I invested my energy in myself before giving it away to others, of course confirming for them that the best parts of my life came from these decisions too, the three of them. Though I keep it real and let them know that giving my all to my children keeps me from giving my all to myself and if you can do for you before you have babies, you will be happier and healthier and ultimately be an even better parent. 

My daughter then chimed in and told of a story where a Leo boy that she had confessed she had a crush on (her Venus is in Leo), told her that he felt the same and then the next day said something to her about his girlfriend at school. Give thanks she has a Capricorn moon because she said she was disappointed though "it didn't really hurt me Mom." 

I used this interjection to show my son why it's ok to like a lot of girls yet it's not ok to tell them all you like them, or make any commitments to them like girlfriend/boyfriend or even a crush. I actually teach them that girlfriend/boyfriend is make believe and is a weird modern world phenomenon that doesn't make any sense for young people. A girlfriend/boyfriend is a friend who you really like though when you make this commitment you can't like anyone else, even if you do. I share with them how hurtful this can be and how long term issues can develop within these people that you like if you are not honest about liking others or even worse, go against your commitment and have more than one girlfriend/boyfriend. His sisters experience was the perfect bridge to reminding him that it's perfectly ok to like a lot of girls though you must train your brain to remember these girls are ONLY friends, that you like a lot. Do not, my son, commit to these girls in any way other than being friends and really getting to know them. 

I asked him would he want to treat another girl how this boy treated his sister? He quickly knew he would never want to do that to any girl, especially a girl he liked. He also mentioned how quickly his feelings change and if the feelings aren't reciprocated, how he doesn't even like them anymore (another Sagittarius trait). We talked about how then there really is only one solution to this and that is girls he really likes are only his friends until there is only one girl that he likes and NO OTHER girl can change that. This is the woman that you commit to and I reminded him, that before you commit, bring her to me and let me get to know her first! (LOL...hey, if I instill these things in them now, they will trust in them in the future!) I will do full natal chart evaluations of any partners my children are considering and allow them to see the natural compatibility they might or might not have with one another. They have, through their own experiences, come to see the validity in astrology and will allow this knowledge to guide them along their own journey. 

By the end of the conversation (and this isn't the first time we have had this particular talk, though repetition is key and as they age they slowly tell me more about themselves), he felt good with liking a lot of girls and knew that it was normal. He also knew that his brother and sister were naturally different than him and that it is really important to recognize how different people are. He reflected that he didn't want to hurt girls feelings or be "a jerk" as they said and that he would just keep them all as friends until he has his own life figured out and then after that, when he met a girl that made all the other girls disappear. I felt good putting them to sleep that night, confident in their own self-awareness and "alternative" ways at looking at relationship building in this crazy, poisonous modern culture they are of. 

On top of that, his Venus is in Capricorn, so I know that he will be attracted to no nonsense women that have strong identities of self and work hard for themselves. These women will expect a man to be able to provide for them and will help encourage him to get his stuff together before he approaches any girl that he might want to get serious with. Giving thanks to the natal chart and the power it has instilled in me and in my relationship with my children! They say humans don't come with an instruction manual and I say it's a shame that we have been lied too. The environment itself is our instruction manual and it tells us way more than just what the weather is on a particular day.

Perhaps these words will inspire you to use astrology with your children. I teach about other ways to use the natal chart to navigate our children's lives in my course Astrology and Herbalism for Everyday Life! You can learn more about this course here!

You can enroll today and begin learning how you can use both the sky above and the plants below to improve your daily life, wellness, relationships and so much more!

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